Buyer Preparedness in 2024

Buying a house in 2024 is not going to be easy.  

The lack of inventory skews much of the negotiating power to home sellers and we are going to continue to see tight inventory, cash buyers, and multiple offers in 2024. 

So what can you do if you want to break through as a buyer in this type of market?

In a word:  PREPARE

What does a prepared buyer look like in 2024?


⚡Pre-approved? Not good enough anymore- we need PRE-UNDERWRITTEN and ready to close in 10 days (in order to compete with cash)

⚡Ready to offer “WINNING TERMS”? - YES -your agent will coach you about how to tighten up your inspection period, pre-negotiate repair thresholds, have an inspector waiting in the wings, prepare to allow for flexible possession terms etc. 

⚡Ready to BID OVER LIST price? YES- if there are multiple offers you will need to be ready to write a very aggressive offer. In order to be confident in paying more than any other buyer you will need to be confident about exactly where the market is going. And have an understanding of how buyers always set the price in any market. We will arm you with an in depth market analysis, and tools to help you understand the true value of a home for you. 

⚡Ready to COVER APPRAISAL GAPS? - YES we will explain how the strategic structuring of your mortgage can absorb an appraisal shortfall, and you can still close with minimal change to your financing plan.

⚡Ready to TELL YOUR STORY to the listing agent and home seller with video and text? Our “Digital Offer” process will make your offer stand out, and just might be the missing piece that gets your offer over the finish line against other EXTREMELY similar alternates. What good is being this prepared if we can't properly express it to the sellers?

⚡Are you ready to waive contingencies and BUY BEFORE YOU SELL? We need to take steps to unlock the equity on your current home and wipe out the monthly obligations to help you qualify for the next loan with an Equity Transition Plan. 

⚡Ready to structure your buyers agent commissions? YES - The industry is changing rapidly, and not every home that is for sale will pay a full commission to your agent. We will prepare you to manage that. 


The message here is this: Do you want to write a lot of offers and get outbid by those who are better prepared? Or do you want to attack this market at the highest possible level?  

Understand that if you are prepared on this level and DO NOT have to engage in a multiple offer negotiation - this level of preparedness only gives you MORE LEVERAGE as a buyer to drive the negotiation the way you want.

As real estate appreciates, every week that goes by makes the eventual home you end up in more expensive. Acting DECISIVELY is key.



"I can’t believe how many times James has helped me to understand my options for buying a home. I have called him several times over the years and asked him to give me options for home buying and to simplify my loan options. I always hang up feeling very grateful for the time, the patience and the choices he comes up with. James looks at the big picture and explains every detail I need to make an informed decision. He listens and makes the world of home buying not so complicated. I would recommend James Adair to anyone. He is a master communicator. He is kind and very knowledgeable."

tracy livermore

"James and Jessica did a great job, and fit perfect for me as a first time home buyer. James discussed multiple options and helped me find a loan package that balanced both long term wealth with near term affordability. James helped me to understand the mortgage process more thoroughly, and even screenshared the exact interface that he used to lock in rates. To top it off, he attended closing with me at the escrow office and participated real time with questions I had on the final documents. 10/10 - would make a large financial decision with them again"

robert holt

"James has guided me through two home purchases. He connected me with the real estate that he felt would fit the property type I was looking for, which has also been a great success. He and his team make the home buying process a breeze."

n warren